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The importance of gases

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The importance of gases Plasma Arc Welding - main

The use of heavily ionized gases or gas mixtures and a restricted electric arc makes it possible to obtain Plasma jets with high kinetic and thermal characteristics, which are capable of transporting high amounts of energy

The plasma process uses two separate gas flows:

  • Plasma Gas : is highly ionisable and able to generate high powered Plasma jets.
  • Shielding Gas: prevents contact between the weld pool and the surrounding atmospheric air.

The choice of these gases or gas mixtures is based on the fact that they can determine the shape and extent of the Plasma jet and a good outcome for the weld, which is flawless and has excellent mechanical resistance.

Thanks to experimentation with Plasma technology, SIAD developed mixtures for the Stargas line specifically for this welding process. These gases guarantee higher quality of the weld, increased speed in working and, therefore, better performance and improvements in the work environment.

ARGON 5.0, thanks to it low potential for ionisation and its superior purity, is used in producing the Plasma jet, increasing the cleanliness and stability of the jet. When used as a shielding gas it improves the quality of the welded joint.

Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of Helium, HELISTAR, mixtures enable increases in productivity of the process to be reached, by creating more liquid weld pools which, in turn, increase speed and quality. Helium, a gas with a high potential for ionisation, makes it possible to control the Plasma generated.

HYDROSTAR mixtures, thanks to the disassociation and reassociation properties of their hydrogen molecules combined with Argon and other gases, reduce the formation of oxides and favour penetration in the welding of stainless and austenitic steels.