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The importance of gases

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Gas mixtures are essential in MIG and MAG processes given that, apart from protecting the weld pool, they guarantee a regular arc and permit optimisation of the deposit method, productivity and costs of the process. 

Being knowledgeable about the complexities of continuous wire feed welding technology, SIAD is able to provide clients with a vast range of products and consultancy driven by the type of need. 

Protective gases have a bearing on the cost of MIG and MAG processes equivalent to between 3-5%. Their importance is, however, fundamental in that, thanks to the use of a mixture specifically prepared for the purpose from the Stargas line, the entire cost of the process can be reduced by anything up to 15-20%. 

STARGON mixtures enable a marked increase in productivity in the manual or automated welding of classic construction steel, reducing spray and fumes. 
HELISTAR mixtures noticeably increase the speed of automated applications, reducing the number of passes and cleaning costs and decreasing the amount of harmful fumes produced. 
HYDROSTAR mixtures make it possible to optimise the welding of austenitic stainless steels.