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The importance of gases

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Oxygen purity is a key factor in obtaining good performance in terms of speed of cut and quality pertaining to squaring off and surface finish. The combustible gas chosen influences the cutting process and, particularly, the quality, warm-up and melt time and the thickness of the material which can be cut with good results.

SIAD recommends the Stargas®range of combustible and combustive gases for this process. From the many years of collaborative work between SIAD’s own research centres, manufacturers of cutting equipment and plants and its own clients, SIAD has developed, moreover, an innovative combustible gas mixture called StarflameTM, which is capable of fulfilling the most unusual requests from the market

Apart from gas products, SIAD today also offers the entire gamma of materials and accessories for cutting, gas centralization and, through its own partners, even machinery/equipment and plants for automated cutting. SIAD’s offer comprises, in addition, services such as theoretical and practical training courses taught in a safe environment, compliant with all the relevant norms and covering specific applications.