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“Responsible Care” is the voluntary, worldwide programme (managed by Federchimica in Italy) which ratifies the Chemical Industry’s commitment to the Health and Safety of its Employees and to Environmental Protection.

“Responsible Care” is based on the implementation of guiding principles and guidelines on conduct and a commitment to communicating results achieved with the purpose of effecting continuous, significant and tangible improvements.

The guiding principles of Responsible Care are:
  1. Health, Safety and the Environment as an integral part of company policy;
  2. Conduct and practices in industry orientated towards Health, Safety and the Environment;
  3. Transparent information and active collaboration with the outside world.
  4. Collaboration with clients and suppliers to ensure Safety of products and their residues;
  5. Support for and the spreading of the Principles by sharing experiences with other businesses.

SIAD which has been engaged, on several fronts, in environmental management, has adopted these principles, and has complied with the Responsible Care programme since 1995.